Our solutions are developed BY accountants FOR accountants.

Think of Shape Super as a silent partner who understands the intricacies, workload and cost of administering SMSF’s.

We offer you the opportunity to consider a new way to outsource the workload and the headaches associated with SMSF’s to a white label, local, specialist company.

Why work with us?

  • We’re efficient (fast turnaround to tight deadlines)
  • We’re well-priced (fixed-fee pricing)
  • We deliver high-quality work (saving you valuable review time)

As Accountants, Shape Super’s founders recognised that accountants needed a better way of managing SMSF’s – we have developed a range of flexible SMSF services to lighten your workload, while still generating revenue and profit to your business.

There is a lot to like about being freed up from the worry of not being able to deliver on time. Design and tailor your outsourced SMSF services with Shape Super.

We seek longevity in relationships. We achieve this by working in partnership with you which means adopting your ambitions and solving your problems. Our role is as the invisible partner in your team.

  • Prepared and delivered onshore, locally within Australia.
  • Flexible and synchronised to your internal way of working.
  • Your choice of annual, periodic or ongoing administration.
  • We can work with your SMSF software system or we can work with ours.
  • In either case, we will use the same SMSF administration software as you.
  • Services are delivered anonymously via white label arrangements with the practice.
  • Shape Super does not appear anywhere to ensure anonymity.
  • You continue to lodge the annual tax return under your own tax agent’s number.
  • Similarly, you can continue to attend to the annual audit.
  • If you prefer, have us attend to the audit and associated queries, and access attractive wholesale pricing arrangements.
  • No minimum number of jobs and open terms that do not lock you in.
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“Partnership Pricing” model